Music Engraving, Orchestration & Lead Sheets

Mark Clark Bassist, composer, arranger

Hear Music

Music Preparation Services are produced using the industry standard music notation program, Coda Music's Finale.


MUSIC ENGRAVING: Below are samples of music engraving services using Finale. These examples have been reduced in size to fit standard 8.5 x 11 paper in PDF format. For Music Engraving Services, please use our Contact Form.

ENGRAVING SPECIAL USE: Examples of uncommon files using Finale.

Choral Arrangement:

ORCHESTRATION: Orchestration of your score or sketch, and to create parts.

LEAD SHEETS: We can create lead sheets for your music. From a simple Lead Line (Melody & Lyrics) with chords to full blown Piano/Vocal arrangements such as those demonstrated above under Engraving.

NASHVILLE NUMBER SYSTEM: Let us create a number chart of your song for your next recording.